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Slime Farm

If you've ever dreamed of making huge amounts of money with little to zero effort, then you'll surely enjoy Slime Farm! In this relaxing idle game, you’re running a successful food factory. The rainbow slimes are working tirelessly below ground to meet the customers’ demands and keep the production line occupied. Your system is absolutely genius and fully automatic, and the trailer trucks above are ready and waiting to pick up and deliver the next batch of delicious sweets.

As your business develops, you'll unlock new slimes each producing unique food on their farms below ground. Tiger slimes make stakes, raccoon slimes like bananas, and you’ll slowly add many other cute and diligent employers to aid your thriving company. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching industrious slimes work their magic. Use the cash earned to upgrade the slime speed, production, and truck capacity to increase your profit!

How to play Slime Farm

You can’t really do anything wrong in slime farm, but you can develop a strategy to upgrade your business as quickly as possible. Focus on upgrading Farms first, and only upgrade the Stock when the carrying capacity of the trucks can’t keep up with the production. Complete various Missions and unlock Chests to speed up your progress even further.

What are the controls for Slime Farm?

You can play Slime Farm on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap repeatedly on the slime room to boost the production, and swipe the road to speed up the trailer trucks. Swipe below ground to go deeper and unlock additional slimes and farms.


  • A relaxing idle food factory game
  • The slimes work diligently to earn cash for you
  • Up to 65 levels, plenty of farms and cute slimes to unlock
  • Stock and Farm upgrades increase your profits

Release date

January 2023


Mirra Games


All devices

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