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8.6(21 votes)


SnakeZ is a relaxing snake game in which you’ll be devouring shiny stars across the vast universe. The competition is fierce, and there are plenty of AI serpents gliding through the vacuum of space you must avoid. To destroy them and become the undisputed ruler of the galaxy, you can’t simply eat them, unfortunately, but must move skillfully and cut off their path. If you manage to make the cosmic adversaries run into your body, they explode, leaving a trail of star stuff behind for you to consume. Likewise, if you crash into your opponents, you’ll perish, so you must act quickly to steer clear of direct collisions.

How to play SnakeZ

If your goal in the game is only to get big and avoid other snakes, there’s an easy and safe way to do it. When you use the speed boost, the shiny stars you’re consuming start coming out of your snake’s tail, so in this game, chasing your own tail is very rewarding. There are several methods to do this, but the simplest of them are following 8-shaped patterns or moving in circles. Besides the obvious growth benefits, tracking your own path will ensure you’re safe from AI opponents.

You must give the AI serpents some credit because it isn’t at all easy to outplay them. It does become easier once you’ve gained some length, but even the smallest snake can destroy the largest one if you’re not careful enough.

What are the controls for SnakeZ?

You can play SnakeZ for free in a PC browser. Use the mouse pointer to control the snake’s movement and the left mouse button or space key for the speed boost.


  • Entertaining, simple, and highly addictive snake game
  • The journey to becoming the greatest snake in the universe
  • A shiny trail of stardust is all that remains behind perished snakes

Release date

March 2020


No Branding


All devices


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