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Game Solitaire Farm: Seasons preview
Game Solitaire Farm: Seasons preview

Solitaire Farm: Seasons

Solitaire Farm: Seasons

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Solitaire Farm: Seasons

A mix of solitaire, klondike and farming, Solitaire Farm: Seasons isn’t what it seems! A casual puzzle card game for everyone, free to play!

How to play Solitaire Farm: Seasons?

You’re given a card at hand that requires you to select a card lower or higher consecutively, meaning that you can’t proceed from a 5 to 10 immediately, as per solitaire rules. You can go above or below anytime, which opens up strategies such as finding a good combination without pulling a card from the deck. As you progress the game, you unlock crops which can be harvested for more coins, which you’ll need to go to the next levels. Don’t panic, however! You also win coins if you win with a surplus of cards at your own deck, which means you can play longer!

You play cards consecutively, and if your card at hand isn’t applicable to those at the field, you’re free to draw or utilize the power-ups provided by the game to help you.

Utilize combos properly! This helps provide more cards in your deck, and building a streak of same-colored cards will give you a bonus!

Numerous power-ups such as Undo and Joker cards help balance and let you win the game faster, as long as you know when to use them! Use them wisely however, as they come in limited numbers!

What are the controls for Solitaire Farm: Seasons?

  • Use the Left Mouse Button to interact.
  • For mobile users, simply touch on the cards to interact.


  • Daily Bonus – You get a bonus as you login every day, from coins to power-ups that you can utilize.
  • Effect Cards – Bombs, and other kind of nifty effects can show up in the field that can be used to easily secure your victory!
  • Levels – Over 2000+ levels are available to play, along with several unlocks such as more crops, houses, and other stuff that can benefit you as you progress the game!

Release date

February 2022




All devices

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