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8.0(15 votes)


Sploop.io is a complex game that offers an immersive multiplayer experience inside a 2D sandbox world that combines strategy, action, base building, RPG, PvP, and co-op activities. At its core, it is a fast-paced survival game, but even if you end up dying, you won’t lose the levels gained, so you get back on the right track relatively easily.

The gameplay is highly addictive, 2D graphics are eye-catching, and you have complete freedom to let your creativity go wild while playing. Grind the resources and kill mobs or other players to gain experience and items to add to your inventory upon leveling up. Team up with other players to farm more efficiently and defeat world bosses across various epic encounters.

How to play Sploop.io

To unlock all the game menus and save the progress for future sessions, you must first sign up. To explore the world freely, it’s recommended to try out the Sandbox game mode first, and once you’re feeling ready, delve into the Classic mode.

There are 4 resources to harvest on the map: wood, stone, food, and gold. You’ll achieve this by whacking away at the appropriate objects or mobs, and you also build windmills that earn gold for you over time. Read all the tooltips available to get a better sense of the complex game mechanics as quickly as possible.

What are the controls for Sploop.io?

You don’t need to download or install Sploop.io, since it’s readily accessible from a PC browser.

  • WASD/Arrow keys — move
  • Left mouse button — attack/use equipped item
  • E — toggle auto-attack on/off
  • X — toggle character rotation off/on
  • Q — equip food (heal)
  • R — equip spike (defensive structure)
  • Enter — chat
  • 1-5 keys or click on the inventory — equip a different item


  • An epic 2D sandbox fast-paced multiplayer survival
  • Action, RPG, strategy, co-op, PvP, base-building
  • Resources, items, buildings, world bosses

Release date

July 2021





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