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Game Stickman Warriors preview
Game Stickman Warriors preview

Stickman Warriors

Stickman Warriors

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Stickman Warriors

You won’t be bashing any skulls in Stickman Warriors as one might expect from the game title, but exercise your brain, drawing skills, and enhance your logical thinking capabilities. This is essentially a physics-based puzzle platformer in which the protagonist starts running perpetually once you make the first move.

The objective is to draw a line to cut the piece of cardboard and set things in motion to enable the daring stickman to reach the exit door. There’s a limited amount of cuts you can make to complete the task, and each of the many levels available provides a unique challenge.

How to play Stickman Warriors

Our hero won’t start moving until you’ve drawn the first cutting line, so you basically have unlimited time to think things through. Most often, the solutions are hidden in plain sight, and if you analyze the design of each level for a while, you’ll quickly realize what must be done.

In the simpler levels, a single well-draw cut might do the trick, and you don’t really have to worry about the speed, only precision. Certain puzzles, however, require making two or more cuts consecutively and promptly to let the stickman traverse the entire stage without getting stuck.

What are the controls for Stickman Warriors?

Stickman Warriors is playable on both PC and mobile web, but the protagonist moves much slower on mobile, which makes completing some of the more complex levels much easier. Click or tap, hold and drag, then finally release to draw a line across which the piece of cardboard is cut.


  • A physics-based drawing puzzle platformer
  • Falling pieces of cut cardboard pave the road to victory
  • Plenty of unique and brain-stimulating levels
  • Logical thinking and fine motor skill exercise

Release date

April 2022




All devices

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