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Takeover is an epic isometric real-time strategy game featuring three campaigns following different faction storylines. Each of the factions has unique military units, spells, and champions to accompany you on the quest for glory. The music and sound effects in this game are immersive, the gameplay is thrilling, and the graphics are done just right.

Besides strategically deploying your troops across the battlefield and conquering hostile castles, you’ll also have to think about base-building and micro-managing the empire on the rise. Reclaim the lands plagued by the hordes of wicked undead and become the undisputed ruler of the fantasy realm! Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a newcomer to the genre, you’ll have a blast playing this one!

How to play Takeover

You can play the campaigns as one of three factions available: Dutchy of Westaria, Crimson Horde, and Icedales Cult. The gameplay, for the most part remains the same for each of them, except unique units, spells, and champions they bring to the table.

In proximity of your castle there will be a couple plots of land you can build on. Building farms allows you to purchase more troops, gold mines provide a steady income, and the obelisks grant you mana regeneration. Make sure that your troops are fully healed before marching toward the enemy castle, and use the magic spells to turn the tides of battles. 

What are the controls for Takeover?

Takeover is playable without installation on both PC and mobile web. Click or tap, then hold and drag to select all the units you want to command. Click and hold on a unit, then drag toward the spot you want the army to march at.


  • An epic isometric real-time strategy game
  • Three playable faction campaigns
  • Immersive music, sound effects, and graphics

Release date

July 2020




All devices

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