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Totem Destroyer Redux

Totem Destroyer Redux is an addictive single-player puzzle game played in a soothing forest-type background. The game contains numerous levels, and each one increases the difficulty as the game progresses. The main objective is to safely make the ‘totem’ fall to the ground on top of an ‘indestructible block.’ The game is recommended for any age category as the controls are straightforward to get used to. The game has a unique learning curve because the more you progress, the more you will have to think and plan.

How to play Totem Destroyer Redux

Once the game starts, the screen will show a unique layout of a few boxes in which the ‘totem’ will be on top. Totem Destroyer Redux introduces you to three different types of boxes: some of them you can break (wooden), some of them you can’t break (rock), and the last is a bouncy type box appearing as a green blob.

The goal is to keep on breaking the wooden boxes to make the layout smaller and for the ‘totem’ to fall onto the ground safely. Note that you have to be patient because if you break too fast, the ‘totem’ will tilt and fall to the ground, concluding in a restart.

As you progress throughout the game, the levels and layouts will become more complex, resulting in a thorough process of thinking to complete.

What are the controls for Totem Destroyer Redux?

  • When playing on your PC, click the wooden boxes for it to break
  • When playing on your mobile device, simply just touch the wooden boxes to break them


  • A smooth gaming experience
  • An exotic jungle themed atmosphere
  • Suitable for any age group

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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