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Trollface Quest: Horror

Trollface Quest: Horror is a spoopy comic-styled point-and-click puzzle game with plenty of popular horror movie references and a wicked sense of humor. This game won’t hold your hand, so you need to figure out pretty much everything yourself, which is hard when you rarely know what the win conditions are.

The graphics, animations, and sound effects are designed to immerse you into a sweet limbo of games, movies, and comics. There are a couple of jump scares, but this is essentially a brain game, and if you like figuring out unorthodox ways of solving mysteries — it’s your lucky day!

How to play Trollface Quest: Horror

Each of the 16 levels available plays out sort of like slideshow animations, and in each scene, you must find the correct move, so take it one step at a time. During the first screenplay, try to figure out what the loss condition is and take a closer look at the unfolding situation.

The objective is usually to troll your nightmarish nemesis and be the one who gets the last laugh. There are plenty of ways to lose and only one correct method to win, but both are equally hilarious. The latter would be nigh impossible if it wasn’t for the helpful hints that aid you when you’re feeling completely mind-boggled. 

What are the controls for Trollface Quest: Horror?

You can play Trollface Quest: Horror on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap and swipe or click and drag to interact with the potentially useful features in each comic-styled image.


  • An extraordinary comic-styled 2D point-and-click puzzle
  • Wicked sense of humor
  • Frustratingly challenging gameplay
  • Thinking outside the box is encouraged
  • Plenty of popular horror movie references

Release date

October 2019




All devices

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