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TrollFace Quest: USA 2

TrollFace Quest: USA 2 is a comic-styled point-and-click brain game with a bunch of politically incorrect jokes and often baffling methods of completing the puzzles presented across dozens of levels. This game won’t hold your hand, and you have to figure out the win condition yourself.

The gameplay is designed as sort of an animated slideshow screenplay, and all the possible outcomes are solely triggered by your actions. The best thing about this game is that even losing is hilarious, so you won’t really beat yourself up even when you fail.

The humor behind this game is stereotypically American and should be taken with a grain of salt, so if you’re easily offended you should probably skip this one. This is exactly the kind of game you don’t want to see your kid playing but might dearly enjoy yourself.

How to play TrollFace Quest: USA 2

Even the hints in this game only give you a vague idea of what you should do, so most of the attempts are usually shots in the dark. If you have a wicked sense of humor, though, you might find the thread of logic behind all the madness.

Try to take a broad-minded look at the comical situation unfolding before your eyes. It takes a couple of correct steps to complete each level, so you have to figure them out one at a time.

What are the controls for TrollFace Quest: USA 2?

You can play TrollFace Quest: USA 2 on PC and mobile devices alike. Click, tap, drag, and hold to interfere with the hilarious scenes unfolding before your eyes.


  • A politically incorrect comic-styled brain game
  • Extraordinary point-and-click gameplay
  • Both winning and losing provide equally hilarious moments

Release date

January 2020




All devices

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