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Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle is a deceptively simple and highly entertaining brain game that will put your problem-solving and logical thinking abilities to the test. At the beginning of each level, there are a couple of test tubes containing several layers of differently colored fluids and one or more empty tubes. 

The objective is to pour the contents from one vial to another until each of them contains a uniform fluid of the same color. Here comes the fun part — you can only pour the liquids of the same color atop each other. As you’re progressing through the game the puzzles become harder as additional colors and test tubes are gradually introduced.

How to play Water Sort Puzzle

Take some time to analyze the problem you’re presented with before making any moves. Each test tube is divided into 5 sections, meaning it can contain up to 5 differently colored liquids. Simply pouring the liquid from any vial into an empty one won’t do the trick, so you must always think a few steps ahead.

The key to success is sorting out the most suitable color first because after you’ve dealt with this task, the rest of the puzzle becomes much easier. You can always start a level from scratch, take a couple of steps back, or even add an additional test tube if you’re really struggling. 

What are the controls for Water Sort Puzzle?

You can play Water Sort Puzzle on mobile and PC devices. Tap or click on a test tube to select it, and then choose the one you want to pour the liquid in until each contains only the uniform fluids.


  • A deceptively simple yet highly entertaining puzzle game
  • Logical thinking and problem-solving exercise
  • Progressively more challenging levels

Release date

July 2021


Mad Buffer


All devices

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