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8.7(15 votes)


Weapon.io is an exhilarating, fast-paced 2D multiplayer online arena battle in which you’ll participate in one-shot melee combat against multiple aspiring ninjas worldwide. A single round lasts for as long as you can survive, and at least in the beginning, it’s quite difficult to keep swinging for an entire minute without getting annihilated. You can use the hard-earned coins to improve three essential stats: Attack Distance, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed.

Experience points are earned by scoring killing blows and collecting spheres scattered across the arena. As soon as your character gains a level, it evolves into a more powerful fighter that wields an even more epic weapon. While it’s much easier to dominate the battlefield at higher levels, you’ll always have to watch your back since even the newbies can kill you with a single swing if you’re not careful.

How to play Weapon.io

Your character is left-handed so always approach the enemies with the weapon-wielding hand closer to them. Notice that your champion abruptly stops when the weapon swing is initiated and if you fail to deliver a precise blow you’ll most likely get punished for it. The keys to victory are great timing, judging the appropriate swing distance, and dexterous movement.

What are the controls for Weapon.io?

You can play Weapon.io on both mobile and PC devices. 

If you prefer playing on mobile, use the joystick button on the left of your screen to move, tap and hold the lightning icon on the right to use the speed boost, and tap the sword icon to strike. 

On PC, use your mouse pointer to move, the left mouse button to swing your weapon, and the right mouse button to sprint.


  • A fast-paced online multiplayer deathmatch arena
  • Up to 30 levels of anime-styled characters
  • Simple skill-based and action-packed gameplay

Release date

June 2019




All devices

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