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In "Wings.io," players control fighter planes, engaging in high-speed aerial dogfights. The primary objective is to shoot down other planes to climb up the leaderboard, reminiscent of the gameplay in popular .io games like "Agar.io" and "Slither.io."

How to play Wings.io?

As a pilot in this game, you will be navigating a fighter plane in a packed arena. Your task is to survive by dodging attacks from other players while also trying to take them down. The game is fast-paced, requiring quick reflexes and strategic maneuvering. You can collect various weapons that fall from the sky, each offering a unique advantage in combat. The ultimate goal is to earn as many points as possible by shooting down other planes, propelling you up the leaderboard.

What are the controls for Wings.io?

The controls of "Wings.io" are intuitive and easy to master:

  • Movement: Use your mouse to steer your plane.
  • Shooting: Press the space bar or left mouse button to shoot at other players.


  • Intense multiplayer battles for sky dominance
  • Skill-based control and aiming
  • Variety of powerful weapons against opponents
  • Customizable airplane colors and decals
  • Dynamic gameplay with upgrades for weapons, health boosts, and speed bonuses
  • Option to invite friends for collaborative play

Release date

April 2016


Profusion Studios



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