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Zombie Catcher Online

It remains uncertain if aliens using brains as zombie bait in Zombie Catcher Online is good or bad for humankind, but it's definitely hilarious! In this highly entertaining platform game, a little green man is on the hunt for zombies. The ETs seem to need them alive, and it looks like the spear from the harpoon only incapacitates them. As your shot hits the target, the balloon is attached to its foot, and it flies up into the air. It almost looks like an undead birthday party, but don’t let the comedy fool you, these zombies are sly and quick!

This game isn't only funny, it's also challenging and features eye-catching 2D graphics, gorgeous animations, and ability upgrades, along with plenty of levels and worlds to play through. The only downside is the music that might turn YOU into a zombie if you keep listening to it for an extended period of time, but fortunately, you can turn it off.

How to play Zombie Catcher Online

You'll have a limited amount of brain baits on each level, so use them efficiently. You must toss them in the dirt to lure zombies out, but they won't unearth if you're close by. Move away from the bait, then quickly come back in a position to catch them. They're surprisingly fast on land, so be ready to shoot as soon as they crawl out.

What are the controls for Zombie Catcher Online?

The glorious Zombie Catcher Online is exclusively playable in a PC browser. Use the left and right arrow keys to move, the up arrow key to jump and use the jetpack, and the down arrow key to toss the brain bait. Use the space button to shoot and catch zombies.


  • Hilariously entertaining platform game
  • Little green man on the hunt for zombies
  • 4 ability upgrades
  • Plenty of levels and worlds to catch zombies in

Release date

May 2022




All devices

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