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Zombie Paradise - Fury Road

Zombie Paradise – Fury Road is a simple but fun racing video game where running zombies over is a daily routine of the apocalyptic world. Destroy zombies, earn money to gain access to more vehicles, play in the infernal arena, and push your enemies into the pit. But do not forget to check your top speed — no one wants to explode in the middle of the fury road.

How to play Zombie Paradise – Fury Road

There are two main modes to try: fury road and arena. In the former, you drive along a road and have to take down as many zombies as you can, while avoiding obstacles and collecting gas to fill your meter. If you run out of gas, it is game over for you. If you drive too fast for too long, your car will explode!

With all the money you earn, you can also expand your vehicle roster and test them in the arena mode. And if you ever feel OP, try the merciless arena mode, where your abilities will be put to the ultimate test. Bear in mind, however, that this mode can be extremely challenging.

What are the controls for Zombie Paradise – Fury Road?

This game is a PC exclusive. Use WASD or directional keys to drive. Your vehicle will not take any heavy damage unless you reach the speed limit.


  • Superb 3D graphics
  • Incredibly fun arena mode
  • Many vehicles to try out
  • Minimalist controls

Release date

December 2022


Dinmo Games


All devices

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