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Game 3 Pandas In Japan preview
Game 3 Pandas In Japan preview

3 Pandas In Japan

3 Pandas In Japan

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3 Pandas In Japan

A news reporter eagerly awaits the arrival of 3 Pandas In Japan, and the cutest trio of well-mannered sightseers rightfully deserves all the attention! The traveling pandas have been mugged just as they’ve entered their destination country by a gang of ninjas, but this won’t discourage them. 

Join the brave bunch on the adventure of a lifetime and help the gang of fluffy and adorable friends enjoy their vacation to the fullest extent! These kind souls aren’t even mad about the robbery and are eager to help anyone in need, and it’s up to you to make these noble acts come true.

This hilarious point-and-click puzzle/action game isn’t merely entertaining but will also have you scratching your head more than a couple of times while trying to figure things out. The graphics and animations in this game are epic, the sound effects are comical, and the music fits the location perfectly. There are dozens of brain games to solve during this epic road trip, so put on your thinking hats!

How to play 3 Pandas In Japan?

Make sure to memorize the instructions from the first few introductory levels because you’ll be using pretty much the same game mechanics throughout the game. At the beginning of each level, the objective is clearly presented to you unless it’s so obvious it needs no further explanation. Take your time to analyze the situation you’re dealing with, and don’t be afraid to experiment since there’s usually more than a single solution for the problem at hand.

What are the controls for 3 Pandas In Japan?

You can play 3 Pandas In Japan on both mobile and PC devices. Tap or click as instructed on your screen to solve dozens of logical puzzles.


  • An extraordinary 2D point-and-click puzzle/action game
  • Great story, immersive music, gorgeous graphics
  • Hilariously entertaining gameplay

Release date

May 2018




All devices

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