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Betrayal.io is an exciting online multiplayer game inspired by the PC giant "Among Us". Collaborate with your buddies to uncover the identity of the traitor. Or, if you're feeling daring, you could turn the tables and deceive your pals in a thrilling plot twist!

How to play Betrayal.io?

Betrayal.io is a fun game to play! You’ll be divided into two teams, crew and imposters. The crew has the responsibility to complete missions, fix any malfunctions caused by the imposters and report any dead bodies if found. Sounds simple enough but they also need to have evidence of the imposter to boot them.

The imposters need to pretend to complete tasks while trying their level best to sabotage the crew. Take down any players who are alone and then try to pin the crime on someone else. This might sound easy but playing the imposter is much more difficult than the crew. You’ll also have to have an alibi ready if anyone begins to question you or your motives. Other than these, have fun exploring the maps and try to memorize all the spots where a body can go undetected.

What are the controls for Betrayal.io?

On desktop, you can use either the WASD keys or your mouse as the directional controls. To interact, either use the E key or your mouse.

On mobile, use the joystick to move your character and tap on the use button to interact with the game!


  • Multiplayer! Invite your friend and play in a custom room together in Betrayal.io!
  • Unique experience! Each match in Betrayal.io provides a unique experience! You’ll have to focus and strategize to figure out who the imposter is!
  • Simplistic design! The game is incredibly simplistic! There are two teams with goals and objectives defined. Make sure to cooperate with each other and have a blast! 

Release date

November 2020


End Game Studios


All devices

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