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Game Braains.io preview
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Braains.io offers a unique twist on the classic game of tag, set in a zombie apocalypse scenario. This multiplayer survival game pits human players against zombies in an intense struggle for survival. The dynamic of playing either as a survivor or as a member of the undead horde adds a compelling depth to the gameplay.

How to play Braains.io?

In Braains.io, if you're a human, your goal is to evade zombie attacks and survive as long as possible. You can hide in buildings or use objects to create barricades, making strategic decisions to stay alive. As a zombie, your objective shifts to spreading the infection by tagging humans. Effective teamwork is crucial in this game, particularly for humans aiming to fortify their defenses and for zombies working together to overrun human hideouts.

What are the controls for Braains.io?

  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Movement keys, used to navigate your character through the game world.
  • G: Drop item, allowing you to leave items behind.
  • E: Pick up item, to collect items you find.
  • B: Buy items as a human, used for acquiring useful tools and weapons.
  • Z: Teleport to Spawn as a zombie, a quick way to return to the starting point.
  • Mouse Left Click: Use item, essential for interacting with your inventory.
  • J/U/I/O: Text emotes, for expressing emotions or reactions.
  • Enter (when logged in): Chat, to communicate with other players.
  • M (when logged in): Missions panel, to access and track in-game missions.


  • Play as human or zombie
  • Team-based multiplayer action
  • Interactive maps with movable objects
  • Simple yet addictive gameplay
  • 2D graphics with a top-down perspective

Release date

April 2018




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