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Butterfly Kyodai

Butterfly Kyodai is a fun and relaxing puzzle game that challenges players to match colorful butterflies. Use your memory to find identical butterfly pairs and free them from the board.

How to play Butterfly Kyodai?

Butterfly Kyodai is a game designed for casual players. Your objective is to find and match identical pairs of butterflies. It’s not that simple though, the tricky part is that there needs to be a clear path connecting both the pairs. Start by clearing spaces in the center of the board. This will help you make some quick matches and it’ll make room for the more complicated combinations to come. After that, check the rows at the end and see if there are any potential matches available.

While playing, you’ll be racing against the clock. Make sure to complete the level in the allocated time otherwise you’ll have to start again. If you’re struggling to find matches, you can use the tips button to get a hint about where a pair of butterflies can be found. You can also reset the board if you feel like there aren’t any more matches available for you to make.

What are the controls for Butterfly Kyodai?

On desktop:

  • Use your left mouse button to match identical butterflies with each other.

On mobile:

  • Tap on the screen and drag to make a match.


  • Simplistic gameplay. Butterfly Kyodai is a simple game where all you have to do to is match butterflies to win.
  • Progression system. After you complete the first few stages the game becomes increasingly difficult to beat.
  • Boosts! Use boosts like tips and resets to find and match pairs of butterflies faster. 

Release date

April 2017




All devices

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