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Game Cards 21 preview
Game Cards 21 preview

Cards 21

Cards 21

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Cards 21

If you're a fan of classic card games such as blackjack, you should test your card counting skills and strategy and play Cards 21 today! To score points and clear columns, place a card drawn from the deck in one of 4 given columns to create combinations with a sum total of 21. You have three lives available, and if the card you add to the column breaches the allowed sum of 21, you’ll lose one.

How to play Cards 21

The goal of Cards 21 is to create card combinations that add up to 21 points and improve your high score. In the beginning, there are four empty columns, so choose wisely how you want to distribute the drawn cards.

An Ace is worth either one or eleven points and is the most useful card you can hope to get. A King, a Queen, and a Jack are all worth ten points. Combine an Ace with a King, a Queen, or a ten to score 31 points. When an Ace and Jack of spades are paired together, you'll gain 41 points — the same amount of points is achieved by combining three Sixes and a Three.

If you use three Sevens in a single column to reach the 21 mark, you'll not only add 51 points to your grand total but also create a very useful “wild card”. You can use this “wild card” to clear any of the columns and save a life in difficult situations.

What are the controls for Cards 21?

Cards 21 is playable on both PC and mobile devices. Simply click or tap on the card drawn from the deck, then drag it to place it in the desired column.


  • Blackjack-themed card game
  • Easy to get into, difficult to master

Create required combinations to earn “Wild cards”

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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