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Civiballs Origins

Civiballs Origins is an entertaining and brain-stimulating 2D platform game featuring relaxing music, dozens of uniquely designed levels to complete, and physics-based gameplay. The objective of the game is to guide the balls of different colors over the series of platforms into the matching jars. To achieve this, you’ll cut off the steel chains holding both platforms and the balls to get things rolling in your favor.

You can embark on different paths, tracking the footsteps of three major ancient civilizations: Greece, China, and Egypt. The landscapes and background themes differ accordingly, but the essence of the gameplay remains intact regardless of your choice. This incredible physics-based puzzle game is an awesome brain exercise for players of all ages!

How to play Civiballs Origins

The jars of each color available can only contain the matching balls, so you must act carefully and avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Analyze each level thoroughly and work on devising a solution by completing tiny bits of the puzzle. If you’ve worked out all the necessary steps, ensure that you’re making them in the correct order to succeed.

All of the potentially moving objects on each level are usually placed there for a reason. You need to figure out how every one of them can help you achieve your goals and put them to good use. Use all the opportunities available to practice releasing the ball from the swinging chain at just the right moment to improve your accuracy.

What are the controls for Civiballs Origins?

You can play Civiballs Origins on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap on the chain to cut it and set balls, platforms, and other objects in motion.


  • An incredible physics-based puzzle game
  • Three major ancient civilizations to explore
  • Relaxing music and brain-stimulating gameplay

Release date

January 2022


IP Kovalishin Andrey Nikolaevich


All devices

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