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Game Clash of Tanks preview
Game Clash of Tanks preview

Clash of Tanks

Clash of Tanks

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Clash of Tanks

In the mood for some real-time strategy gaming? Clash Of Tanks is a tank game accessible on the browser where you will be the great commander of an army of tanks. Get ready to defeat your enemies and upgrade your vehicles with attractive rewards after each battle.

Clash Of Tanks is designed for both kids and adults alike. Simple drag-and-drop features and thrilling in-game music contribute to a remarkable gameplay experience. In addition, you will combat other online players in real-time and save up resources for the next battle, which makes it even more exciting.

How to play Clash Of Tanks

Where and when you deploy your tanks matter a great deal in this game. Thus, think strategically at each move to destroy the opponent’s base and win the battle. Also, take into consideration where your enemy would place their tanks and avoid being caught off guard. 

There are multiple types of tanks. You can only deploy a certain type once you have enough power. For this reason, don’t deploy every available tank you have at the same time but wait a bit longer for the stronger ones to appear. Last but not least, collect the reward money after each battle to upgrade your tanks and build up your army for more battles to come.

What are the controls for Clash Of Tanks?

You can access Clash Of Tanks on your PC and mobile browser. For controls, the game relies on the click-and-hold mechanism to drag the tanks to desired areas. In the same fashion, you can tap and hold the tanks to drag them on your mobile screen.


  • An RTS strategy game for players of all ages
  • 2D graphics with nice sound effects and game music
  • Easy drag-and-drop tank deployment
  • Earn rewards after every battle for tank upgrades

Release date

May 2019




All devices

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