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Cursed Treasure 1½


Cursed Treasure 1½

Cursed Treasure 1 ½ is a tower defense game where you must protect powerful magic gems from invading hordes, including common thieves, wizards, angels, and more. To do this, you’ll need to put all your efforts into coming up with an effective strategy and building and upgrading towers to guard the roads. However, the enemies won’t go easy on you, so you must learn powerful skills and cast spells to protect yourself. You can also use the collected skills to buy permanent buffs in the skill tree.

Cursed Treasure 1 ½ comes with 15 challenging levels full of sneaky enemies with various abilities and mysterious underground passages that you’ll love to explore.

How To Play Cursed Treasure 1 ½

After the game loads, which can take a few moments, click on the “Start” button and then choose your level. On the levels page, you can also check your skills and achievements. After that, you’ll be shown the mission objective — click “Ok” to proceed further.

This game features three types of towers, and each type can be built only on specific terrain. You need to construct towers on the sides of the road to guard the gems, and these towers will automatically start shooting whenever enemies come within their range.

There are also three types of spells that you can cast to fend off waves of enemies. Your ultimate goal is to prevent them from reaching the end of the road and fleeing with the gems.

What Are The Controls For Cursed Treasure 1 ½?

Use the left mouse button (or tap on your smartphone) to build and upgrade towers and cast spells.


  • Strategic tower defense game
  • 15 challenging levels
  • Different types of towers, spells, terrains, and enemies
  • Collectible skill points that can be used to buy permanent buffs

March 2023


Cross platform