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Drawaria is an extraordinary multiplayer drawing game featuring 2 different game modes and highly entertaining gameplay. You can either play a word guessing game, Pictionary, with player score tracking or showcase your artistic talents in the Playground — a free drawing game mode with the option to upload images to the cloud Gallery.

If you aren’t such a drawing expert don’t worry, because you’ll still have a laugh in the Pictionary rooms with fellow below-average artists from around the world. Players take turns guessing and depicting the mystery words and once it’s your turn to draw, there are three terms to choose from.

The first player to guess the word earns 3 points, and the drawer is awarded 2 points if any of the players manages to decode the term depicted on the screen. Once the first player guesses correctly, the others have 10 seconds to figure out the answer and are rewarded 1 point if they succeed. The player with the most points at the end wins!

How to play Drawaria

Think of the ways you could depict any of the three available words before choosing to make your life a little bit easier. Some words are more difficult to put in pictures, while for others it’s a pretty straightforward task. Change the color of your paintbrush to emphasize distinctive features, and think of creative ways to draw tricky terms.

What are the controls for Drawaria?

You can play Drawaria on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to select the paintbrush size or colors, then hold and drag to depict the mystery word.


  • An amazing social online multiplayer drawing game
  • Mystery words drawing and guessing in Pictionary mode
  • Artistic proficiency showcase in the Playground mode
  • Global Scoreboards and community Gallery

Release date

May 2020


Icaneefoeva Ecleausu


All devices

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