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Game Ducklings.io preview
Game Ducklings.io preview



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9.1(34 votes)


Ducklings.io is a captivatingly relaxing duck life simulation. The objective of this great game is to save as many ducklings from the overcrowded pond. Take the young ones under your wing and guide them safely toward the nest to expand your flock. 

It would be easy if it weren’t for boats and rival duck gangs that will try to take over the hatchlings and lead them astray. Your beloved partner guards the nest and eagerly awaits additions to the family. You better not get hit by a boat or something on your way back!

The gameplay is very laid-back but quite rewarding at the same time. You can raid other flocks, wear awesome hats, and the biggest family in the pond will have the prettiest nest. When love flourishes, there’s always room for one more!

How to play Ducklings.io

Several duck families are sharing the pond, and while every nest is located near the shoreline, most of the action unfolds in the very middle. When a boat hits the leader of the flock, the chicks stay intact and ready for the taking.

Protecting the young ones from raiders isn’t easy, especially if you’ve lined up a dozen of them. The best way to defend your flock is by confronting the adversary and moving in small circles until the aggressor gives up.

What are the controls for Ducklings.io?

You can play Ducklings.io on both PC and mobile devices. If playing on a PC, use your mouse pointer to swim in a desired direction, or tap and hold to open a joystick button on mobile. Click or tap while near your nest to try out epic hats!


  • A highly enjoyable duck’s life simulation
  • Immersive graphics and sound effects
  • Laid-back yet highly rewarding gameplay

Release date

June 2021


Pelican Party Studios


All devices

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