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Game Electric Man 2 preview
Game Electric Man 2 preview

Electric Man 2

Electric Man 2

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Electric Man 2

Electric Man 2 is a dynamic and engaging stickman fighting game where you enter the Tournament of Voltagen as an electric stickman. Your objective is to utilize your unique combat skills to defeat a variety of opponents and claim the championship title.

How to play Electric Man 2?

The game is set in a futuristic world, and you are up against other electric fighters. The key to success in ElectricMan 2 lies in your ability to use speed, agility, and fighting skills effectively. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter various opponents, each presenting unique challenges.

What are the controls for Electric Man 2?

The game involves a combination of regular and special moves, some of which require battery points to execute. Here are your controls:

  • Left/Right arrow keys: Run left/right
  • Down arrow key: Dodge
  • A: Punch
  • S: Kick
  • D: Grab
  • Q: SlowMotion Punch
  • W: SlowMotion Kick
  • E: SlowMotion Grab

Performing a move while running creates a new attack move. Be mindful of your battery points as certain attacks like the SlowMotion attacks require them but are more powerful.


  • Engaging stickman combat gameplay
  • A variety of challenging opponents like Replicants, The Frozen, and the Cirrian Guard
  • Special moves and attacks, including powerful slow-motion techniques
  • Save/Load functionality to resume your progress
  • Fast-paced action requiring quick thinking and tactical skills

Release date

March 2019


DX Interactive



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