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EvoWars.io is an exciting battling game. Battle your way through the arena, evolve to become stronger, and make your sword bigger!

How to play EvoWars.io?

EvoWars.io is an easy game to play! The main objective of the game is to collect orbs and level up. Start by simply collecting orbs, these give you a lot of experience for the first few levels. Once you’ve reached level 5, begin attacking the other players you find. When you’re small you can easily take down the higher level players. This is the best way to progress quickly as you gain loads of experience points from taking down bigger opponents.

Don’t worry about being taken down as you can restart the game with only losing a level of experience. This encourages you to play as aggressively as you can and continuously level up. You can run to get to your opponents quickly and dodge their attacks but be careful. Running costs experience points and can cause you to devolve.

Try to attack when the enemy is under cooldown. This happens when they have already swung an attack and can’t swing another time. Make sure the opponent is on your right side as the swing is clockwise.

What are the controls for EvoWars.io?

On desktop, use your mouse to guide your character. Use the left mouse button to attack your opponents and the right mouse button to give yourself a little speed boost.

On mobile, use the joystick on the left side of the screen to move your character. Press the buttons on the right hand to attack and boost.


  • Unique gameplay! EvoWars.io is a unique game where you collect orbs and take down opponents to level up!
  • Progression system! When you start off you’re too small to do any damage but as you level up you become strong enough to take down any and all opponents you face!
  • Leaderboard! There’s a leaderboard in the game which highlights the player with the most points on your screen. Take them down to gain a massive amount of experience and level up!

Release date

February 2018


Night Steed Games


All devices

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