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Game Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter preview
Game Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter preview

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

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9.5(20 votes)

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Torch the swarms of flying insectoid invaders across countless levels, pilot different spacecraft, collect power-ups, and win boss fights in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter! To complete each level, you must survive 10 waves of incoming enemy troops, which is often hard without getting blown to pieces. Fortunately, you can continue playing from where you’ve perished and give it another try.

This action-packed 2D shooting game features eye-catching graphics, addictive gameplay, and great music. The spaceship models you’re controlling are drawn and animated beautifully and each of the dozens of crafts available has unique abilities. To unlock the full arsenal you’ll pick up striped insignias that occasionally drop from destroyed enemies — they can increase the power up to a cap of 10.

How to play Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter?

With so many different battleships to pick up from eliminated enemies, you’ll certainly be eager to try them all out. Some of the distinctive features such as the turret size and placement will provide valuable info about the weaponry available. If a single large wide shaft is located at the front the craft is most likely packing a laser gun, for example. Depending on the situation and level design you may want to avoid switching the current ship, but picking up all the power-increasing striped insignias is always worth it.

What are the controls for Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter?

You can play Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap, then hold and drag to move the spaceship around and repel multiple waves of swarming invaders.


  • Highly addictive action-packed 2D action shooter
  • Simple yet eye-catching graphics and animations
  • Dozens of spaceships with unique weapons
  • Weapon power carries over to each next craft you pick up
  • Hundreds of 10-wave levels and dozens of boss fights

Release date

March 2022


Abigames Studio


All devices

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