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Game Gravity Soccer preview
Game Gravity Soccer preview

Gravity Soccer

Gravity Soccer

Theatre mode
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Gravity Soccer

Gravity Soccer is a 2D platform game featuring 18 levels, vivid graphics, an awesome jazzy soundtrack, and physics-based gameplay. The ball is stationary at the start of each level, and you’ll set it in motion by removing concrete blocks below it and letting gravity do its thing.

The physics engine behind the game is simplified since the friction isn’t accounted for, and once the ball starts moving, it stops only after hitting a wall. You must use the terrain wisely to come up with solutions, and while merely completing the levels isn’t too difficult, earning the maximum three stars in each is quite challenging.

How to play Gravity Soccer

Don’t rush to destroy the block below the football, but make sure to thoroughly analyze the current level first. It’s feasible to destroy the blocks even while the ball is moving, but it’s much harder than dealing with the easily foreseeable obstacles preemptively. 

At some levels, you’ll have to score with more than a single ball, so determine the correct method of achieving this. Detonating bombs won’t do any damage to the terrain, but the blast wave will cause the ball to move away from the explosion point.

To earn the maximum stars, timing is usually of the essence. Try to determine the speed at which your ball falls once you’ve set it in motion to complete each level with flying colors.  

What are the controls for Gravity Soccer?

You can play Gravity Soccer on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap on the concrete blocks to remove them and on the bombs to detonate them.


  • A physics-based 2D platform game
  • Vivid graphics and awesome jazzy music
  • Up to 18 uniquely designed levels

Release date

November 2017




All devices

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