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Happy Glass 2

Happy Glass 2 is an addicting physics based game that brings back the fun of solving various types of puzzles and the sequel to Happy Glass. The game challenges your problem-solving skills and ability to create efficient paths to ensure the happy glass character remains filled.

How to Play Happy Glass 2?

In Happy Glass 2 your task is to help the happy glass fill up or maintain its water content as you navigate through the challenges. As you progress, you'll encounter different levels each with its own unique problems and puzzle designs.

Your successful completion of each level depends on your ability to complete the given puzzle tasks, whether it be filling the glass to the exact line shown, or by balancing the glass by removing blocks underneath it for example.

What are the controls for Happy Glass 2?

Interact with the game by clicking or tapping on the screen to draw lines, remove blocks and to guide the water flow​.


  • Over 100 unique levels
  • Bonus levels unlocked by completing certain objectives
  • Challenging puzzles that increase in difficulty as you progress

Release date

July 2019




All devices

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