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Game Horse Riding Simulator preview
Game Horse Riding Simulator preview

Horse Riding Simulator

Horse Riding Simulator

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Horse Riding Simulator

Looking at the game name alone, one might think that playing Horse Riding Simulator would be a purely relaxing experience, but this isn’t the case. You’re a cowboy carrying three weapons — for a very good reason. The restless undead are rising from their graves everywhere, and to stay in the saddle, you must adapt to the given circumstances quickly.

In two unique worlds, you can choose among 5 different steeds, ranging from the shabby-performing Minecraft-esque pixelated horse to a powerful stallion in full knight armor. Disguised as an immersive horse-riding simulation, this is actually a thrilling third-person hack-and-slash action game, and a surprisingly polished one, for that matter.

How to play Horse Riding Simulator

Zombies can’t really harm your character in this game, so consider it a target dummy practice to overcome the initial dread quickly. You’re packing a gun, a bow and arrow, and a trusty sword. The undead are unexpectedly fast, so they aren’t exactly sitting ducks, and to eliminate them with ranged weapons, you must create solid separation first. This feat is nigh impossible to accomplish unless you mount one of the faster steeds. 

What are the controls for Horse Riding Simulator?

Horse Riding Simulator utilizes Unity WebGL encoding, which is yet to be mobile optimized. For a polished experience, a mouse and a keyboard are required to play.

Mouse controls:

  • Direct movement/look around — mouse move
  • Melee swing right/ranged aim — RMB
  • Melee swing left/fire ranged weapon — LMB

Keyboard controls:

  • Move — WASD
  • Switch weapons — 1/2/3
  • Jump — Space
  • Action — E
  • Gallop — Left Shift
  • Mount (dismount) — F (hold)
  • Toggle cursor lock — L
  • Mute/unmute — M
  • Quit to main menu — Escape/Tab


  • Zombie hack-and-slash third-person action
  • A gun, a bow, or a sword to wield 
  • Five uniquely epic steeds to choose from
  • Great animations, spooky and funny gameplay
  • Highly polished overall experience

Release date

December 2018





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