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Game King Rugni Tower Defense preview
Game King Rugni Tower Defense preview

King Rugni Tower Defense

King Rugni Tower Defense

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King Rugni Tower Defense

King Rugni Tower Conquest is a classic tower-defense real-time strategy featuring 8 different turret types, 30 levels set across 5 mini-campaigns, simple yet eye-catching graphics, and challenging gameplay. If you allow a total of 10 mobs to reach the gates, the game is over, and to achieve a perfect 3-star level score (important for unlocking new turret types faster), you must play nigh perfectly.

Once your intricate defense system is breached (which is bound to happen eventually), you can unleash exploding pigs to charge at your enemies and use other epic abilities at a reasonably long cooldown. You’ll fail dozens of times, but the difficulty, along with immersive visuals, awesome music, and sound effects, is exactly what makes this game so enjoyable and addictive.

How to play King Rugni Tower Conquest

The available building slots are limited at each level, so thinking a few steps ahead before erecting the first turret is highly recommended. Unless you’re a master tactician, it’s highly unlikely you’ll complete the levels on the first try. Use every failed attempt as a chance to learn something new and study the movement patterns and formations of attacking troops. By doing this, you’ll be able to make better building placement choices in the battles to come and greatly increase your chances of winning.

What are the controls for King Rugni Tower Conquest?

We’d like to sincerely commend the developers of King Rugni Tower Conquest for coming up with an ingeniously simple and intuitive UI design. Click or tap the easily discerned self-explanatory icons to build turrets or cast spells on both PC and mobile.


  • A true classic among tower-defense games
  • 8 different turret types, a total of 30 levels across 5 campaigns
  • Special abilities, boss fights, plenty of mob types
  • Eye-catching visuals, addictive gameplay, and catchy music

Release date

March 2020




All devices

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