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Game Kingdom Rush preview
Game Kingdom Rush preview

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

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8.3(6 votes)

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a glorious 2D tower-defense strategy game in which you’ll defend your beloved realm from the invading demon horde. You can build four different turrets in an attempt to repel the aggressors, periodically deploy additional reinforcements, and cast the meteor shower on the diabolic apparitions in the most trying of times.

The graphics in this awesome game are very simple yet highly enjoyable, while the background music and sound effects are epic and immersive. There are also RPG elements, such as ability upgrades and heroes you can unlock, that make the progression even more rewarding.

Lead the army of light and justice in the never-ending battle across dozens of settlements to purge the evil once and for all from your beautiful homeland. The unholy horde grows stronger on every wave, and the entire kingdom relies on your strategic prowess.

How to play Kingdom Rush

Take a good look at the entire map you’re defending before building the first turret. You can’t really go wrong with the first one, but it’s important to plan a few steps ahead. The gold you earn from slaying demons must be spent quickly and efficiently, so it’s good to know which towers you want to build next, along with their future locations. Don’t forget to use your additional abilities on cooldown to optimize the usage of all the resources available.

What are the controls for Kingdom Rush?

Kingdom Rush is available on PC and mobile devices alike. The developers have really done a great job creating the interface for optimal user experience. The icons, buildings, and menus are intuitive and easy to use. Just click or tap to interact.


  • Epic 2D tower-defense strategy RPG
  • Relentless waves of demons are invading our realm
  • Ingeniously simple UI design and addictive gameplay
  • 4 different turret types and 2 additional cooldown abilities
  • Rewarding progression, ability and turret upgrades, powerful heroes

Release date

March 2020




All devices

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