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Let's Fish

Let’s fish is an exquisitely immersive fishing simulation game with a variety of features that every passionate angler would dearly enjoy. You’ll earn experience points and level up to unlock new Talents, so the gameplay is quite catchy. The Store offers just about any angling gear you could think of, there are plenty of Events to take part in along with Challenges and Quests to complete.

Additionally, you can try out different fishing techniques, lures, baits, and rods to catch unique trophies and show off your achievements. You can play as a guest or register an account to continue the progress at any given time. Once you’ve gained expertise and confidence, test your skills against aspiring anglers worldwide by competing in Tournaments and Championships!

How to play Let’s fish

You’ll either find angling extremely boring or wildly entertaining, but if you’ve stumbled upon this awesome game, it’s safe to assume you belong to the latter category. 

Shortly after casting the line, the fish will take the bait, and the battle of nerves begins. It’s important to be gentle with the controls and patiently reel the trophy out. Don’t let the indicator reach the edges of the slider bar or the fish will get away.

Every true fisherman knows that preparation is half of the success, so take your time to explore the Store and purchase equipment upgrades regularly.

What are the controls for Let’s fish?

Let’s fish is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser. Click to Cast your line, then delicately click, hold, and release repeatedly to Pull the fish toward the indicated spot in the water to reel it out.


  • An immersive in-depth fishing simulation
  • Leveling system, Quests, Tournaments, and so much more
  • Plenty of angling gear to purchase in the Store

Release date

September 2020


Ten Square Games


All devices

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