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MeMe World

In MeMe World, you're given the responsibility to assist virtual trolls, a task that you might find surprisingly rewarding. Virtual trolls have a reputation for their pranks, and generally, there's neither an expectation of goodwill from them, nor an inclination to help them, but this time you will have to take their word for it, and do your very best to survive.. Some players who have stumbled upon "Troll World: Meme Adventure" will find the game already familiar.

How to play MeMe World?

Your goal is to reach the black flag at the end of every level. Follow the instructions, or don't, at your own discretion. You might get trolled..

Various challenges await the hero at every turn. Be it a cloud that cannot be jumped upon, or an elusive relative appearing at the most inconvenient times. Even the Sun in this monochrome world is harsh, and the Moon remains entirely indifferent to everything that transpires in "MeMe World."

If you believe you've got what it takes, give it a shot. Your intellectual prowess and reflexes will be put to the test with the MOVE and JUMP gameplay, all while you apply your mind to solve insane puzzles.

What are the controls for MeMe World?

On desktop:

  • Arrow keys


On mobile:

  • Use the on-screen buttons to move



  • Simple yet engaging gameplay: move left, right, and jump.
  • Hone your reflexes and skills to dodge quirky obstacles: spike traps, moving spikes, and your eternal foes - The Red Trolls.
  • Avoid missteps that could lead you to plummet into the abyss below.
  • Most importantly don't forget to

Release date

May 2023


Sunriase Games


All devices

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