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Game Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense preview
Game Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense preview

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

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Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense is an adrenaline-packed real-time strategy game featuring exciting gameplay, funny graphics, hilarious sound effects, and awesome music. The ever-growing army of angry chicken thugs is attacking your fortress in waves, and to defend the once-peaceful realm, you must build cannons to shoot down the invaders before they breach the walls.

Up to 6 cannons can be mounted on the wall simultaneously, and there are 12 tiles behind the fortification on which you’ll place newly purchased artillery pieces. To produce higher firepower guns, you need to merge two cannons of the same tier. A formidable chicken boss is coming at you at the end of each wave, so it’s essential to upgrade the defenses regularly and remain well-prepared.

How to play Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

The guns you’re able to buy are 4 tiers lower than your currently most advanced weapon. If your strongest cannon is level 6, for example, the newly acquired ones will be level 2. Each new purchase increases the cost of the next cannon, and once they get inefficiently expensive, it’s high time to unlock the next tier. To achieve this and decrease the cost of newly acquired guns, you must level up the currently most advanced cannon. Upgrading your wall in the middle of the wave not only strengthens it but also tops up its health points.

What are the controls for Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense?

You can protect the realm from vicious clucking invaders in Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap to navigate the game menus and purchase additional cannons. Hold and drag to upgrade cannons by merging the ones of the same tier and mount them on the walls to start shooting.


  • An exquisite 2D real-time strategy defense
  • Hilarious graphics, sound effects, and animations
  • Addictive and challenging gameplay

Release date

October 2021




All devices

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