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Offroad Masters Challenge

Prepare to traverse diverse continents, nations, and terrains in the Offroad Masters Challenge game with your trusty offroad truck!

How to play Offroad Masters Challenge?

Embark on a career, engage in exhilarating free-roaming SUV adventures, or experience thrilling collisions in a vast offroad car crash arena. Optimize your vehicle with engine and tire enhancements for peak performance.

Delight in the journey through single-player or two-player modes. The adventure awaits – let's begin!

What are the controls for Offroad Masters Challenge?

Single Player:

Player 1:

  • WASD or Arrow keys: Move
  • Left-click: Move camera
  • C: Switch camera
  • R: Restart
  • F: Toggle light

Two Player:

Player 1:

  • WASD: Move
  • C: Switch camera
  • R: Reset car position
  • F: Toggle light

Player 2:

  • Arrow keys: Move
  • K: Switch camera
  • O: Reset car position
  • L: Toggle light
  • P: Pause


  • Five-night survival challenge
  • Unique tasks or challenges each night
  • Four distinct Rainbow Monsters with their own traits
  • Emphasis on sound and auditory cues
  • Numerous hiding spots in various environments
  • Crossover between Rainbow Friends and Among Us

Release date

April 2023


RHM Interactive



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