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Parrot Simulator

Most of us have at least once thought about what it would feel like to become a bird and fly away, and today your dream comes true with the Parrot Simulator! While the omnipresent ancient myth of human flight is still to be achieved, you can now experience first-hand what the glorious bird’s life looks and feels like.

This incredible simulation game features RPG elements, eye-catching 3D graphics, and uniquely immersive gameplay. The jungle is unforgiving, and nothing comes for granted in the wilderness. Find a mate, make your own flock, and provide for your family!

How to play Parrot Simulator

It’s essential that you find a partner as soon as possible, as you’ll have a much easier time hunting for food and defending yourself if necessary. After reaching level 3, you’ll be able to hatch a chick with your beloved one and gain additional strength in numbers. Do your best to provide for the entire family to make each member more powerful.

The parrot you’ll control is very smart, and besides doing quests and fending off predators, you can also improve your home inside a cave. Each addition will enhance the characteristics of the entire flock.

This game also features a full-screen mode which makes it much more immersive and enjoyable. Try experimenting with different camera perspectives to find the optimal point of view.

What are the controls for Parrot Simulator?

Parrot Simulator is playable for free exclusively in a PC browser — a keyboard and a mouse are required to play.

  • WASD keys — move
  • Space — take off/dive
  • E — fly up 
  • Q — fly down
  • Shift — speed boost
  • Left mouse button — attack
  • L — lock/unlock the cursor
  • H — hide/show interface


  • Enjoyable and immersive parrot life simulation game
  • Dazzling graphics and unique gameplay
  • Skillfully incorporated RPG elements

Release date

March 2021




All devices

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