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Game Poker Quest preview
Game Poker Quest preview

Poker Quest

Poker Quest

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Poker Quest

Poker Quest is a unique fantasy roguelike game that leverages a standard deck of playing cards (Ace, King, Queen, etc.) to activate your abilities and engage in combat. It's a blend of traditional card game mechanics with RPG elements, offering a novel and challenging experience. In Poker Quest, developed by Plausaurus - an idle game development studio, you'll encounter a high-fantasy landscape filled with castles, knights, wizards, dragons, and an array of monsters.

How to play Poker Quest?

In Poker Quest, you start by drawing cards from a standard 52-card deck. These cards are then used to activate various equipment and abilities:

  • Navigating the World Map: Your journey progresses as you move to the right on the world map, encountering different events and battles.
  • Turn-Based Combat: The combat system is turn-based. You draw two cards per turn, with your cards displayed on the left and the enemy's on the right.
  • Activating Equipment: To engage in combat, select cards from your hand and then choose the equipment you wish to use them with. After using your cards, you end your turn.
  • Upgrades and Shops: As you earn chips, look for shops to spend them in. Upgrading your card draw and other abilities is essential for progression.

The game is rich with tooltips providing guidance, making it easy to understand the mechanics as you play.

What are the controls for Poker Quest?

The primary control in Poker Quest is the Mouse. It's used for all major actions, including selecting cards, activating equipment, navigating the world map, and interacting with various game elements.


  • Diverse Heroes: Choose from more than 10 unique heroes, each with distinct equipment and play styles
  • Extensive Content: Encounter over 1500 unique items and a wide array of monsters
  • Variety of Runs: Engage in daily runs and challenge runs with specific modifiers
  • Mini-Games and Casinos: Enjoy additional gameplay elements like mini-games and casinos
  • Deck-Building Mechanics: Although it feels like a deck-builder, Poker Quest offers a distinct set of mechanics focusing on the properties of playing cards

Release date

April 2020





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