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Game Powerline.io preview
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9.3(15 votes)


Powerline.io is a modern twist on the classic snake game. In this multiplayer game, you control a glowing snake in a neon-lit arena. The objective is to grow your snake by collecting bits and zapping other players, while avoiding collisions. The game stands out for its emphasis on speed and strategy, offering a fast-paced and engaging experience.

How to play Powerline.io?

Your main goal in Powerline.io is to grow your snake and dominate the arena. This involves quick reflexes and strategic planning. You can boost your speed by riding alongside other snakes. Utilizing speed boosts effectively allows you to block opponents' paths and zap them. Collecting neon bits is essential for maintaining high speed. Another key strategy is zig-zagging to make it harder for other players to boost off your tail. As the game progresses, focus on defense and slowly grow your tail, being cautious of other snakes.

What are the controls for Powerline.io?

  • WASD or Arrow keys: Control your snake
  • Movement alongside other snakes: Boost speed


  • Fast-paced snake game with a multiplayer .IO setup
  • Neon-themed graphics for a visually stimulating experience
  • Competitive gameplay with a focus on speed, agility and reflexes
  • Ability to zap opponents by blocking their path
  • Growing complexity and challenge as the snake gets longer

Release date

October 2017


Andre Almeida



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