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Rabbids Wild Race

Rabbids Wild Race pits players against each other in a jetpack race where they must avoid obstacles, collect coins, and bounce on opponents' heads on their way to the finish line.

How to Play Rabbids Wild Race?

In Rabbids Wild Race, players fly as far as they can and collect all the stars before the other Rabbids beat them to the finish line. Players are tasked to customize their character and navigate an endless environment filled with enemies and lots of danger. The use of a jetpack helps avoid obstacles and bounce off other players to prevent them from winning.

Players need to watch out for when their shield runs out, highlighted by a white barrier. If this barrier is crossed, the other Rabbids can jump over each other's heads, potentially hitting the player. The stars collected during the race can be used to unlock armor in the main menu. This armor can be used to take an extra hit in the next race. The coins collected during the game can be used to unlock amazing outfits for the Rabbid in the shop.

What are the controls for Rabbids Wild Race?

There is only a single control in the game, which is to boost or jump with the jetpack.

On desktops: use spacebar to fly.

On mobile devices, tap on the screen.


  • Nice looking running tracks in 2D graphic
  • Many different rabbit skins to unblock and use
  • A shop with heat, glasses, clothes, and other cool items
  • Leaderboard for daily players, weekly, and all times
  • Easy to play but hard to master with addicting game-play

Release date

October 2022




All devices

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