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Snail Bob


Snail Bob

Snail Bob is a multi-level game in which you must wander through locations and overcome difficulties. You will play as a little snail named Bob. Humans completely destroyed the character's modest home, and now he simply has nowhere to live. Unfortunately, you can not rebuild a house. The only way out is to go on a long journey searching for a new home. But on the way, the snail will face many obstacles. Besides, Bob must overcome gullies and bumps and crawl through uncharted territory. And all this must be done accurately. In addition to the well-thought plot, the game also has an original soundtrack and cute cartoon graphics. Try it and help him find a home!

How to play Snail Bob

At the beginning of the game, you find yourself in the middle of the story with your character. You're faced with a landscape full of obstacles and various options to overcome them. Start moving the snail, click on a variety of levers and buttons to activate the mechanisms to overcome the obstacles. The main task is to bring Bob to the "exit" sign. If you succeed, you move on to the next level. Each new location will have a lot of tasks to solve. And they will become more and more difficult. Think hard about how to use the equipment in the best way, because the life of little Bob depends on it! The Snail Bob game fascinates with its colorfulness and, at the same time, develops logical skills. 


  • The game has no age restrictions and will be fun for both adults and children.
  • Beautiful graphics, music, and a cartoon character.
  • There is an option to speed up or slow down Bob's movement.
  • You can play the online version via a browser or download it to your phone.

March 2023


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