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Game StarBlast preview
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9.3(27 votes)


StarBlast is an intergalactic arcade game where you can pilot your spaceship and blast your opponents to smithereens!

How to play StarBlast?

StarBlast is an incredibly user-friendly and simple game to play. Take command of your own spaceship, mine asteroids for gems, and fight other players for total space domination. There are a total of four distinct game modes for you to play:

  1. Team Mode. Compete in a team game mode against two other teams in order to destroy all enemy space stations. You’ll need to farm asteroids and take down enemy ships in the process.
  2. Survival Mode. It’s a free for all style game mode where you’re supposed to keep upgrading your ship till the survival mode period begins and then emerge as the only survivor to win.
  3. Invasion. Invasion is a fun mode where you can team with up to six players and fight off hordes of enemy ships. They attack in waves and each wave gets progressively harder to beat. In order to win, you’re going to have to spend gems wisely on your ship.
  4. Pro Deathmatch. Spawn with a fully upgraded ship and compete to get the most kills in this game mode. Hunt down your designated target to gain the most points. The player who gets to 12 points first is the winner.

What are the controls for StarBlast?

On desktop:

  • Use the left mouse button to shoot.
  • To guide your spaceship, use your mouse along with the right mouse button.
  • Press the CTRL key to drift away in space.

On mobile:

  • Use the joystick to steer and thrust your spaceship!
  • Tap on the button on the right side of the screen to shoot.
  • Tap on the RCS button to drift away in space.


  • Multiple game modes! There are a total of four different game modes in StarBlast for you to play!
  • Fast-paced action. StarBlast is a fast-paced action game where you’re constantly improving your spaceship and taking down enemies.
  • Leaderboard! Check your ranking on the leaderboard and try to beat the highest score!

Release date

April 2021




All devices

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