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Game Stickman Prison Counter Assault preview
Game Stickman Prison Counter Assault preview

Stickman Prison Counter Assault

Stickman Prison Counter Assault

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Stickman Prison Counter Assault

The prison break is underway, and you get to choose which side you want to join in Stickman Prison Counter Assault! In this fast-paced 3D single-player third-person shooter, you’ll join an epic team deathmatch shootout as a member of the SWAT team or escaping prisoners. The battle is time-limited, and whichever team scores the most kills when the time is up is victorious.

The shooting mechanics are simplified, and you don’t have to aim perfectly to hit your opponents, but the game is still far from easy. Upon death, you’ll respawn quickly, so you’re able to join the action and try to dominate the battlefield once again.

How to play Stickman Prison Counter Assault

The biggest issue you may encounter while playing this game is the fact you can’t move sideways, but only forward and backward. This makes it a bit tricky to quickly get back behind a decent cover after exchanging rounds with your enemies. Essentially, you must figure out how to utilize backpedaling to avoid becoming an easy target.

Another important thing to notice is that you can’t aim up or down, so forget about capturing high ground to gain an advantage. Take your time to learn the layout of the map and locate specific choke points you can use to ambush and eliminate multiple enemies.

What are the controls for Stickman Prison Counter Assault?

You can play Stickman Prison Counter Assault on both PC and mobile devices. Use WASD or arrow keys to move while gaming on PC and the left mouse button to shoot. If playing on mobile, hold and drag the joystick button to move, tap on the big square on the right to shoot, and tap on the “U” arrow to turn your character by 180 degrees. 


  • 3D stickmen team deathmatch third-person shooter
  • Fast-paced and immersive gameplay
  • Simplified shooting mechanics suitable for both mobile and PC

Release date

October 2019


Madhawk Games


All devices

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