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Game Stickman Warrior preview
Game Stickman Warrior preview

Stickman Warrior

Stickman Warrior

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Stickman Warrior

Stickman Warriors sets itself apart with its use of realistic ragdoll physics in combat, providing an intriguing and unique fighting experience. The game doesn't rely on traditional button-pressing mechanics for attacks but instead, the movement and physics of the character that you control by dragging them, determine the outcome of fights. This innovative approach makes for a challenging yet enjoyable gameplay experience.

How to play Stickman Warriors?

The gameplay in Stickman Warriors is straightforward but requires skillful control. Your task is to move your stickman character around the arena, using the physics-driven mechanics to land hits on opponents. Success in combat depends on how well you control your character, making their limbs connect with the enemy to deal damage and catching tiny power-up stars that appear throughout the game to give you a little boost.

Avoid hitting the various traps around the game arenas, such as flames and saw blades that will do you serious damage. Do try to fling your opponent at them for added hurt!

What are the controls for Stickman Warriors?

  • Movement and Attack: Drag your stickman with your mouse or by tapping on your screen on mobile devices to attack your opponent


  • Unique combat using funky ragdoll physics
  • Several levels with increasing difficulty and challenges
  • Intuitive yet challenging gameplay mechanics

Release date

June 2021




All devices

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