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Superfighters is a dynamic game with no definite plot. In this case, the lack of a goal does not make the journey less enjoyable. If we briefly describe the game, we can say that it is an action series in a well-designed pixel universe. Playing as one of the characters, you will have to learn how to avoid the dangers and fight the enemies using all possible weapon options. In addition, Superfighters is suitable both as a single-player pastime and for playing with a friend. This game will not leave fans of the "old" style of games indifferent. The musical accompaniment and the voicing of reactions during combat are a great bonus.

How to play Superfighters

So, as we said before, you will find yourself in a strange pixel Superfighters location full of obstacles. Initially, you need to understand how your character moves. Run, jump, and press buttons to remove barriers blocking your way. Next, you will have the opportunity to fight enemies. You can go up against them, but if one opponent is not enough, you can take part in life-and-death battles in the arena. Eight enemies will be waiting for you there. For each type of combat, you will have a different weapon (e.g., machete, ax, grenades). In addition, you will learn the tactics of close combat. Be careful, however, and always keep an eye on your vitality scale. Run away to recover if you see that you can't handle it! Or throw a grenade at your enemy.


  • Will be liked by the fans of the retro-style games but also will not leave newcomers indifferent.
  • You can play the online version.
  • Dynamic battles, a wide choice of weapons, and many traps scattered around the map.

Release date

January 2022


MythoLogic Interactive


All devices

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