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Superspin.io is a real-time multiplayer game where you control a spinner that spins around to collect gems and dash other players. The faster you spin, the bigger and more powerful you are. You’ll have to try your best to be the fastest by earning gems and consuming other smaller spinners getting in your way.

Superspin.io features colorful skins and customizations along with addictive gameplay. With a ton of spinner designs, you’ll be able to create and decorate your own unique spinner. Let’s see who spins fastest and gains the highest score in this game!

How to play Superspin.io

As simple as its name suggests, you need to move your spinners around the screen and gather as many gems as you can. Move the cursor to spin toward areas rich in gems to collect them. The number on your spinner shows your current score.

Try to avoid those spinners that have higher scores than you since you’ll lose after colliding with them. Then, as you spin fast enough, dash and destroy those with lower scores than you.

Don’t forget to customize your spinners at the beginning of every game to make yourself stand out from the rest. Also, you can check for your max score on the home screen and continue playing to break records.

What are the controls for Superspin.io?

Superspin.io is a free browser game for PC and mobile devices. For controls on PC, use your cursor for moves and click the left mouse button for boost. Use the on-screen buttons to play on mobile devices.


  • Insanely deep customization options
  • Spinners grow larger and spin faster as they collect gems
  • Real-time multiplayer game with a competitive element
  • Great for both children and adults

Release date

May 2021


Jetti Games


All devices

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