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Survivor In Rainbow Monster

Survivor In Rainbow Monster is a captivating crossover between Rainbow Friends and Among Us. In this game, you take on the role of a kidnapped child during a school trip to Spooky Park.

How to play Survivor In Rainbow Monster?

Your goal is to endure five nights in an eerie, lifeless location, with only you and the Rainbow Monster present. Each night entails a unique task or challenge to complete while evading the Rainbow Monsters.

To survive, you must steer clear of the Rainbow Guy. There are four distinct Rainbow Monsters in the game, each with their own traits:

  1. Blue Rainbow Monster: This terrifying monster roams the map in search of you. It's crucial to hide in a locker or box to avoid being pursued.
  2. Green Rainbow Monster: This creature constantly patrols but is blind. To elude it, minimize noise and movement.
  3. Orange Rainbow Monster: Continuously feed the Orange Monster to prevent it from chasing you. It follows a specific orange line while patrolling, so hide when you see it approaching.
  4. Purple Rainbow Monster: Watch the vents to dodge the Purple Monster. If no eyes or hands are emerging, it's safe to pass by.

To outlast the Rainbow Monsters, pay close attention to in-game sounds and listen for footsteps or other noises indicating their presence. It's highly recommended to wear headphones while playing.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster demands vigilance regarding both your surroundings and auditory cues. Monsters can appear suddenly, so use all your senses; if you detect any sight or sound, flee or find a hiding place. The game offers numerous hiding spots in each environment, providing refuge when adversaries are spotted or danger is imminent.

What are the controls for Survivor In Rainbow Monster?

  • On desktop devices, use your left mouse button to drag and merge the dinosaurs
  • On mobile devices, tap and drag on the screen


  • Five-night survival challenge
  • Unique tasks or challenges each night
  • Four distinct Rainbow Monsters with their own traits
  • Emphasis on sound and auditory cues
  • Numerous hiding spots in various environments
  • Crossover between Rainbow Friends and Among Us

Release date

April 2023


Bin Studio



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