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Game Tall.io preview
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8.8(8 votes)


Collect blocks of the same color as your stickman to grow bigger and squash puny opponents like bugs in Tall.io! This extraordinary single-player 3D-action running game features thrillingly addictive gameplay, dozens of hilarious character skins, and hundreds of uniquely designed arenas.

Each level is stacked with blocks, corresponding to the colors of their respective stickman, who grows in size by running over them. When players collide, the smaller one is defeated, so you must work toward becoming the biggest stickman in the neighborhood before annihilating the competition. To make things even more interesting, there are plenty of obstacles to avoid, but also height boosters to pick up.

How to play Tall.io 

The very beginning of each arena is especially important because it’s quite difficult to catch up if you fall behind early. Similarly, if you make the right plays from the get-go, it’s easy to snowball the game and mop the floor with your enemies effortlessly. Invest the coins earned in initial speed boost Powerups and Start Size upgrades regularly to improve your starting stats.

Each block collected not only increases your height but also your running speed slightly. Don’t waste too much time chasing enemies similar in size to you because usually, when you’re going in for the kill, you aren’t growing in size. Make quick and decisive maneuvers instead, or snowball your advantage until you’re able to easily outrun the opponents.

What are the controls for Tall.io?

You can play Tall.io for free on our website on both PC and mobile web. Click or tap, then hold and drag to move the stickman across the arena, collect blocks, avoid obstacles, gather boosts, and squash enemies.


  • An extraordinary 3D stickman arena runner
  • Addictive gameplay, hilarious skins, upgrades
  • Great level design, funny victory animations

Release date

February 2023




All devices

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