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The Speed Ninja

The Speed Ninja is on the run across the traditional Japanese rooftops, and there are many perils on the road to victory. This fast-paced platform jumping runner features up to 100 levels, simple game mechanics, great sound effects, immersive graphics, and addictive gameplay. 

The layout of every level is randomly generated on each retry, so this awesome game is also highly replayable. The ninja runs perpetually, and besides timing the jumps perfectly, you must also throw shuriken to eliminate enemies encountered along the way. If it was easy, everybody would become a ninja, but only the determined few are capable of living up to the expectations! 

How to play The Speed Ninja?

It’s important to notice that the longer you hold, the higher you jump. You don’t always have to jump very high, and the double jump is best used as your last resort. Always look as far ahead as possible to gather information and figure out the way to overcome the upcoming obstacles.

The blinking exclamation mark will warn you about the immediate dangers ahead. In most cases, you’ll be able to eliminate the next threat with your shuriken throws, so better start spamming.  

What are the controls for The Speed Ninja?

You can play The Speed Ninja on both mobile and PC devices.

While playing on mobile, tap the left half of your screen to jump and double jump, tap the right half to throw shuriken, and swipe down to slide below obstacles. 

If you prefer playing on a PC, use the arrow key up to jump, the right arrow key to throw the weapons, and the down arrow key to slide.


  • An addictive 2D platform jumping runner
  • Immersive graphics and sound effects
  • Up to 100 randomly generated levels

Release date

May 2018




All devices

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