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Game The World's Hardest Game preview
Game The World's Hardest Game preview

The World's Hardest Game

The World's Hardest Game

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7.5(20 votes)

The World's Hardest Game

The World’s Hardest Game lives up to its name! It’s an insanely difficult game requiring an immense amount of focus and strategy. Think you have what it takes? Feel free to try it out!

How to play the World’s Hardest Game?

The World’s Hardest Game isn’t easy to play - at all. There’ll be times when you’ll be stuck on a level for hours at a time and are being driven mad by the sheer difficulty of it. However, with that being said, I do have some advice that can help ease the process a bit:

1. Death is your friend. You’ll be dying and respawning multiple times if you’re playing the game and it’s alright. Use that to your advantage and plan around it to win.

2. Reflexes, reflexes, reflexes. Your movement is key to beating the game. You’re going to have to have to keep your mind sharp and understand the patterns the blue balls are moving in. Then you’re going to have to be quick and avoid them all, if you see a path to win and haven’t been able to yet, keep on trying! Even a second holds the difference between victory and defeat!

3. Take breaks. This might sound unhelpful but it is truly the best way to beat the game. While playing the World’s Hardest Game, you might get really frustrated with continuously dying, not understanding where you’re going wrong. This is where you should take a breather. The game is supposed to be hard, not impossible, right? Relax a bit, have a cup of tea. Take it slow and figure out where you’re going wrong and attempt to get around that.

What are the Controls for the World’s Hardest Game?

It might be the World’s Hardest Game but the controls are simple to understand. The only controls for the game are the directional controls, you can either use the WASD or the arrow keys for movement. The game is only available on desktops and there is no version for mobile devices yet.


  • It’s actually the World’s Hardest Game! You probably haven’t ever come across such an infuriating but super fun game like it yet
  • Each level is unique! The game might be super tough to beat but you won’t be forced to go through 30 levels of the same thing. Every Level is different and it gets progressively more difficult as you move progress
  • The originality and simplicity! Even though it’s a super difficult game at the surface but as you progress through the game, you begin to see the simplicity of the design of the game and appreciate the originality and the concept of the World’s Hardest Game!

Release date

March 2023


Stephen Critoph



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